Latest Information regarding COVID-19 guidelines


We are now seating inside amigos! We can seat up to 6 people at the same table inside and up to 8 people at the same table outside. All of our Covid-Precautions are still in place.


We are excited to welcome back all of our amigos. 

We are open for In person dining on our patio only. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. 

LA County health has kept the same protocols in effect as the last time they allowed outdoor dining (see earlier updates on this post). They have also added a few more rules/restrictions for us and our guests to follow. 

*Everyone sharing a table must be from the same household. 

*a mask must be worn when not actively eating or drinking AND whenever a staff member comes to your table. 

*There must be 8 feet from table edge to table edge. 

In addition, we would like to remind you:

*Per LA county rules there is a limit of 6 people per table. We can accommodate larger parties when space is available but we cannot guarantee you will be sat next to each other. There is a minimum of 8' required between tables. We cannot move tables together. 

*There is a strict 80 minute time limit for all tables during peak times. Due to limited space and the required 8 ft distance between tables we have lost 5 tables. 

*Reservations are required. If you walk in, there may be a wait and we still require your name and telephone number. 


Once again we are shut down for in-person dining. We are still open 11-8:30 every day for take-out and delivery. To order for delivery or take-out, please call us at (818) 951-2275 or order online at We really hope to see you again soon amigos. 


The Governor has declared that for the next 3 weeks "at least", those of us in Los Angeles County can no longer serve customers indoors. Fortunately for us, we have a beautiful patio. This leave us with 8 tables. We are going to add an additional 3 - 4 tables throughout our entrance and parking lot. Reservations will be required. You can make a reservation online or by calling (818) 951-2275.

You can feel confident when dining with us amigos. The LA County health department has been out on recent weeks for both our regular health inspection (We have maintained our A rating) and a special inspection for Covid-19 protocols. We passed each with flying colors. Those protocols which we have enacted since on site dining was first allowed after quarentine, include:

Proper distancing of all tables and diners
Proper PPE for all staff
Masks are required except when eating and drinking
one employee per shift who is responsible for disonfecting frequently touched surfaces
Plus much more which you can read about in our written Covid-19 plan or the list of health department protocols at our entrance.

We hope to see you soon amigos!

06/05/2020-Arriba, Arriba, Andale, Arriba!!!

Bienvenidos a Joselito's Tujunga! ***Reservations or a call to confirm seating or to be placed on a waitlist is REQUIRED***
We will be open for dine-in on our patio and limited seating inside beginning tomorrow, Saturday 06/06/2020 11 am - 10 pm. Please call or click reserve now on our home page to make a reservation. Seating is very limited.

After LA County gave the ok for dine-in service to resume they finally provided their rules and regulations for re-opening. While they have said that our guests can join us again they have also made many, many rules and restrictions. At this time we can welcome you again but things have to be different. A lot of the following items are good for everyone, our staff and guests alike. Most of them have been mandated by the State, County & City (Notated with an *). A few of them we have implemented for extra safety or to facilitate efficient service, under the guidelines we must follow, while maintaining the level and quality of service we pride ourselves on providing.😊

Thank you, in advance, for complying with the following rules:

❑ There is a 75-minute time limit on all tables. The 75 minutes begin at the time of your reservation so please arrive on time and with your entire party. We cannot seat anyone until the entire party arrives. We have implemented this time limit in order to comply with LA County.

*Per county regulations, we must limit occupancy within the restaurant to ensure there is adequate distancing and/or physical barriers between tables that minimizes contact between customers at different tables. 

*Indoor in-person dining capacity is not to exceed 60% of maximum occupancy to allow sufficient space to social (physical) distancing between groups of customers; distancing should be 6 feet between groups of customers and/or use physical barriers. Occupancy limits will be reevaluated after 21 days to assess timing for additional occupancy increases.

*On-site dining made by reservation or customers notified to call in advance to confirm seating/serving capacity.

*Contact information for each party is collected either at time of reservation booking or on site to allow for contact tracing should this be required.

*All guests must wear cloth face coverings to be served. This applies to all adults and to children over the age of 2. Only individuals with chronic respiratory conditions or other medical conditions that make the use of a face-covering hazardous are exempted from this requirement.
o Customers may remove cloth face coverings while eating and drinking.*
o Customers who refuse to wear a cloth face covering may be refused service and asked to leave.*

*Customers arriving at the site with children must ensure that their children stay next to a parent, avoid touching any other person or any item that does not belong to them, and are wearing face coverings if age permits.

*On-site seating at a table shall be limited to no more than 6 people that should be members of one household.
People in the same party seated at the same table do not have to be six feet apart. 
o *All members of the party must be present before seating and hosts must bring the entire party to the table at one time.*
o *On-site seating at a table shall be limited to no more than 6 people that should be members of one household.*

*Discourage employees and customers from congregating in high traffic areas such as bathrooms, hallways, bar areas, reservation and credit card terminals, etc.
o Require employees to avoid handshakes and similar greetings that break physical distance.*

We have implemented many precautions as well to keep you and your family safe. We are doubling up on our already regular handwashing. Sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the restaurant. We have put up barriers between some tables and in the coming week, we will have glass barriers between some tables in order to open up more tables. Servers and bussers will be wearing glasses in addition to facemasks when serving tables where masks have been removed. We have also held hours of training in order to get everyone up to speed on all the health and safety regulations and procedures.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I am so excited to have you all back inside and enjoying yourselves. My staff and I have been working hard and will continue to work hard to give you an excellent dining experience while staying safe and healthy.

With sincerity and love,


06/03/2020 - Oh boy...these curfews have been horrible, right? I hope everyone is safe and healthy and getting ready to join us again. We are putting the finishing touches on our opening protocols and procedures. We are training our staff to serve you in the safest and most efficient way we can, thank you for your patience. We had hoped to have the last 3 nights as a sort of dry run with a few friends and family on the patio. Unfortunately due to the curfews, we have had to adjust our plans. 

We are still planning to open for limited dine-in on Saturday, June 6th. It will be reservation only. We will have our new reservation system from Open table online by Friday. Please check back to make a reservation online or give us a call on Friday to book your reservation. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We have received many calls asking when we will be open. We really do not want to rush this as your safety and that of our employees is very important to us. The LA County Health Department has released 10 pages of rules and regulations for us to follow and implement. The state of California has 8 pages of their own. We have been working non-stop to set up these protocols and get our employees trained. 

Stay tuned amigos!

Stay safe, healthy and happy,


06/01/2020 - We hope everyone is healthy and safe and cannot wait until we have the opportunity to serve you again. We plan on opening our dining room on Saturday, June 6, 2020, at 11 am. We are still open for Take-out & Delivery as we prepare for Saturday's opening. We are putting the final touches on our COVID-19 protection protocols. Our main goal at this time is to do as much as possible to ensure the health and safety of our employees and our guests. 

Please be patient with us as we put our new protocols in place. We are taking this week to train all of our employees on the new safety regulations required by State and local authorities. We are also putting in place some policies and procedures of our own as well as putting up barriers and configuring things for social distancing. Until Saturday we may take some reservations for the Patio only. Please check this page to see if any spots are available.

In addition to our normal health and safety precautions, we will be instating the following guidelines and procedures:

* 75-minute limit for all tables.
* Reservations are strongly recommended.
* No waiting inside to be seated. Please wait in your car or outside of the restaurant (while maintaining social distancing). You will receive a text when your table is ready
* Face coverings must be worn except when eating or drinking. 
* Please practice social distancing at all times while in the restaurant (6ft between you and another person not in your party or serving you)
* All guests must be present before a party will be seated
* No parties larger than 6 people
* Chips and salsa will not be served until you receive your beverage, water, cocktail, or another ordered food item. This is to limit the interactions at tables. 
* Refills of coffee or tea will be brought out in cleaned and sanitized cups or glasses every time a refill is requested.
* We are required to have the name and phone number of one person from every party dining with us for purposes of contact tracing if necessary. 
* The restrooms and major contact areas in the restaurant will be sanitized at least once an hour.
* Tables, booths, and adjacent walls and/or windows will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon being vacated by a guest and prior to the new guest being seated.

Protocols and rules will be in place, added, or modified as we learn how to operate in this new environment. Muchas gracias in advance for your continued support and patience as we all deal with this new world.